Meet the 2022 SOAR Student Team

Our orientation program is assisted by engaged student leaders from all across campus. Each fall, over 100 students apply to be a member of the team and approximately 30 are selected. The team is led by two returning student leaders who serve as SOAR Student Coordinators. As team members, our OCs complete a three-credit hour leadership course in the spring, attend a regional leadership conference, and complete two weeks of in-depth summer training. We look forward to the impact these students will have on our incoming students and families this summer!

Meet the 2022 Orientation Counselor Team!

Sam Nelson


   Sam Nelon

   OC #1

   Major: Communication Studies 
   Minor: Theatre 

   Hometown: Fayetteville, NC



   Alisha Best

   OC #2

   Major: Psychology 
   Minor: Children's Literature and                         Childhood Studies

   Hometown: Raleigh, NC


   Ken Moore

   OC #3

   Major: Public Health
   Minor: Health and Medical Humanities

   Hometown: Elizabeth City, NC


   Flo Uy

   OC #4

   Major: Economics 

   Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC


   Emilia Vazquez

   OC #6

   Major: Elementary Education
   Minor: Spanish

   Hometown: Charlotte, NC


   Kaden Phipps

   OC #8

   Major: Criminal Justice

    Hometown: Fayetteville, NC


   Sheryl Kamesetty

   OC #9

   Major: Finance and Management
   Minor: Mathematics

   Hometown: Charlotte, NC


   Carol Kamesetty

   OC #10

   Major: Management Information Systems

   Hometown: Charlotte, NC


   Andrea Policarpo

   OC #11

   Major: Marketing and French

   Minor: International Management

   Hometown: Raleigh, NC


   Myles Brown

   OC #12

   Major: Communication
   Minor: Journalism

   Hometown: Greensboro, NC



   Akmaral Ulanova

   OC #14

   Major: Psychology
   Minor: Russian

   Hometown: Smithfield, NC


   Lance Bumgardner

   OC #15

   Major: Economics
   Minor: Political Science 

   Hometown: Gastonia, NC


   Noelle Mills-Tarmey

   OC #16

   Major: Health Systems Management 

   Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC


   Aisha Qatabi

   OC #17

   Major: Architecture

   Hometown: Sana'a, Yemen

   James Citrin

   OC #18

   Major: Organizational Management and           Poltical Science

   Hometown: Wilmington, NC


   Makayla Vannoy

   OC #19

   Major: Exercise Science 

   Hometown: Fuquay Varina, NC


   Lily Boaz

   OC #20

   Major: Psychology and Political Science  

   Hometown: Knightdale, NC